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I have added the option to choose updating the compiles tools or not.
Mucci | 7/9/2017
MAMEdev has released an updated compile-package, this manual covers the latest changes.
Mucci | 19/3/2017
with the release of 0.182 my method within the script to get the version number broke.I have updated the compile script for MAMEui,MESSui and ARCADE to "fix" it ;-)
Mucci | 26/1/2017
With 0.180 MAMEui is using the UI from MESSui. I have change that parameter and I think from now on MESSUI repo will not be updated - use MAMEui for compiling a MESSui version…
Mucci | 3/12/2016
updated the compile-scripts, keep in mind - suggestions and featurerequests are welcome. If they fails beause something changed in the source - I can not fix the source!
Mucci | 30/10/2016
is released. It contains now the file-name in case of an XML-parsing error (DataFileCreator.Error.Log.txt):example (fake error generated in xml-file ;-)):DataFileCreator Error…
Mucci | 3/10/2016
DFC 6 beta 15 is online
Mucci | 1/10/2016
Yeah, great day to announce the new V6 of the Dat File Creator DFC. It does supports now Softwarelist, very cool, just handle them as they are MAME dat files. Creates dat-files…
Mucci | 13/9/2016
I have seen that I have not uploaded the updated HBMAME script (small bugfix), done that now.
Mucci | 28/5/2016
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